one of the first personalized crypto currencies


What is one of LANACOIN missions?

But not only one.


become familiar with blockchain

boost YOUR CRYPTO knowledge

become ready for the future

how to start in world of #CRYPTO

First steps in world of blockchain and cryptocurency are very important. If you do a mistake there is no return or “undo” key.  90% of user make a mistake . Learning with bitcoin is like doing driving lessons with a brand new car.


Learn what is blockchain & cryptocurencies, read blogs, follow different social chanels


Install your crypto wallet, write down seeds, backup your passwords and 2FA seeds,…


Register on the trusted exchange, look around for some airdrops of some tokens


Start test trading, sending your coins, receiving coins, researching the world of crypto and enjoy.

Staking LanaCoin

PoS reward: fixed 1000 LANA + 7% (yearly)

PoS reward halving: 525600 (approx 5 years, halving only for fixed reward, 7% stays the same)

More coins you have in the wallet, more blocks you will validate and more reward you’ll get. 

For now, only desktop wallet is able to stake LANAs. 

The easiest way to see what needs to be done for staking is that you watch the video.


My first touch with cryptocurency was LANA Coin. I have to admit I had no clue what is blockchain, BITCOIN, cryptoexchange,... But with help of guys on telegram, facebook I started trading, installing wallets, backuping seeds and today I trade and hold few different cryptocurencies. Lana is in my bag for some time. You never forget first love. And Lana is this for me.
Bianca Mitch
Firt LANACOIN buying in 2018

Never trust stranger on the internet

there is nothing like free money in crypto

Only small amount of tokens or coins are airdroped on the internet. Things like free coins or tokens doesn’t exist.  I most cases when someone is giving away coins is SCAM.

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