Genesis block:
genesis.nTime    = 1462595940;
const char* pszTimestamp = “Happy 10th birthday Lana – Genesis block 7.5.2016 at 6:39 AM (GMT+2)”;

Ticker: LANA
Type: PoW/PoS hybrid
PoW algorithm: sha256d
PoS block hashing: sha256d
Max Coins: 7.506.000.000 (7.5+ billion will ever be created by means of PoW/PoS)
PoW reward: 10000 LANA (no halving)
Last PoW block: 750000 (estimated)
PoS reward: fixed 1000 LANA + 7% (yearly)
PoS reward halving: 525600 (approx 5 years, halving only for fixed reward, 7% stays the same)
Minimum PoS age: 7 hours
Maximum PoS age: unlimited
Block time target: 2.5 minutes
Difficulty retarget: every block
Coinbase maturity: 42 blocks
Transaction recommended minimum confirmations: 10
Minimal TX fee: 100 Lanoshis (0.00000100 LANA)

Initial 176 blocks have been premined in order to enshure a stable PoS network and avoid failures from the initial launch.
All the generated coins will go to Lana as a gift and some will be used as bounties and faucet topups.

Development fund: LhQ3TFB7X1Z6fw4GafnHeA2i1gh3i3HXWq

P2P port: 7506
RPC port: 5706

Testnet P2P port: 17506
Testnet RPC port: 15706