What is LanaCoin?

LanaCoin is one of the first personalized crypto currencies, created as a birthday present with a unique attribute of its genesis block launch at the exact unix time of Lanas 10th  birthday.

Blockchain parameters are fully packed with attributes surrounding the birthday time and date.


The project started at first as simply unique birthday present with no false promises or roadmap deadlines on development. The only promise that was made was that the development of services around the Lanacoin blockchain will be done in the near future and rolled out in steps.

Lanacoin is a hybrid proof of work/ proof of stake open blockchain using sha256 hashing algorithm.

Proof of work miners are rewarded with newly created LANAs for securing the blockchain while Lana community  is rewarded for staking their  LANAs and competing for stake blocks. Finders/stakers of proof of stake blocks are rewarded with a fixed Lana amount of 1000 LANAs plus a 7% annual stake reward.

Proof of stake reward will be cut in half (halved) at block height 525600, while the last proof of work block is set at block height 750000. At the time of writing lanacoin blockchain is at block height 253755.

Total supply of LANAs in existence is capped at 7.506 B LANA making it in theory possible for one day every living soul on the planet to own at least 1 LANA. The number max supply of LANAs was put in place in accordance to Lanas birthday date 7.5.2016.

The roadmap ahead is still being written and it includes the release of:

–        server less SPV mobile wallets for android and ios

–        remake of Lanacoin website and public forum announcement

–        more strategic partnerships with wallet providers and service vendors

–        point of sale integration

–        micro payments and tipping plugins

Coin launch details:

–        open and fairly launched crypto currency with a native open public blockchain

–        network launch in may 2016

–        zero premine and zero instamine

–        no ico or crowd funding

–        open and permission less public ledger

–        fully open source